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EV nabíjecí kabel Type 2 / Mennekes / IEC 62196
Akce Tip
5 190 Kč –12 %
Momentálně nedostupné
Kód: 62196-16A1F
3 793,39 Kč bez DPH
4 590 Kč
Kód: 62196-16A1F
nabijeni kabel T2
3 900,83 Kč bez DPH
4 720 Kč
Kód: T2-1F-16A
Prémiový nabíjecí kabel Typ 2 | Mennekes | 1f/16A max. 3,7 kW
od 4 954,55 Kč bez DPH
od 5 995 Kč
Kód: 31240B
Prémiový nabíjecí kabel Mennekes 32A | 1 fáze | do 7,4 kW
6 420,66 Kč bez DPH
7 769 Kč
Kód: 31244B
Přenosná nabíječka Typ 2 | Mennekes
6 933,88 Kč bez DPH
8 390 Kč
Kód: T2-S2
Nabijeci kabel elektromobilu 2
12 990 Kč –23 %
8 256,20 Kč bez DPH
9 990 Kč
Kód: KHS-T2S
prenosna nabijecka type2
9 000 Kč bez DPH
10 890 Kč
Kód: PCHT2-S
Mini Wallbox
12 990 Kč –8 %
9 909,09 Kč bez DPH
11 990 Kč
Kód: 696
wallbox autonabijeni
14 990 Kč –20 %
Kód: 62196-32A3F2
9 909,09 Kč bez DPH
11 990 Kč
Kód: 62196-32A3F2
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Volvo, owned by Chinese automaker Geely, targets 1 million electric vehicles or 10% of car sales by 2025 and build its first fully electric vehicle by 2019. Tha company named its electric technology Drive-E.

The strategy is based on the company’s new Scalable Product Architecture. The first element of the new electrification strategy involves the introduction of plug-in hybrid versions of it’s 90 and 60 series of larger cars. This process has already begun with the launch of the T8 Twin Engine All-Wheel Drive plug-in hybrid version of the new XC90 SUV and will continue with plug-in hybrid versions of the new S90 premium saloon and other forthcoming models. The Company will also broaden the range of plug-in hybrid cars it offers with the introduction of a new front-wheel drive Twin Engine variant.

The Chinese-owned automaker will further deepen its product offering with the introduction of an entirely new range of smaller 40 series cars based on its newly-developed Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), which, like SPA, has been designed from the outset for electrification. This makes the Group one of very few car makers in the world with two brand new vehicle architectures designed to support both plug-in and pure electric powertrain configurations.